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© www.manfrotto.com

© www.manfrotto.com

Per toeval op een bericht gestuit.

Mijn eerste gedachte was: “Doet Manfrotto ook in tassen?”
Een blik op de website laat een heel ander beeld zien, diverse tassen zijn voorzien van het Manfrotto embleem.

Al komen sommige (en mischien wel alle) modellen wel erg overeen met die van Kata. Zo is mijn geliefde Kata 3N1-33 terug te vinden (gelukkig wel) als de MB 3N1-35 PL met wat kleine veranderingen.

Ik hou de ontwikkelingen zeker in de gaten.
Hieronder het officiële bericht, in het engels:

Kata merges with Manfrotto to become unrivaled in bags!

Dear valued Kata friend,

As a trustworthy client passionate for photography and our products we would like to inform you that the Kata brand has taken the decision to merge with Manfrotto, the most renowned player in the photography accessories industry. Our key Kata models will now be available under the Manfrotto brand and will be joining the constantly expanding family of Manfrotto bags.

The new range of Manfrotto branded photo and video bags – Manfrotto Pro Light will continue the Kata heritage by using the same quality of fabric, passion for design and attention to detail. We will continue to produce dependable and durable and above all the lightest bags in the market.

With this merge we took the opportunity to improve our bags’ internal performances by adding CPS, a Manfrotto protection system that provides a thick layer of structured, shock-absorbing core sectional dividers that safely cushion the valuable equipment you keep at the heart of your bag. This guarantees maximum protection to the gear inside.

We will continue to offer our exceptional customer service, warranty and spare parts availability, as well as helping you choose the bag that best fits your needs and expectations.

Kata’s existing standard 5 year warranty and extended life time warranty will be honored.

We invite you to join our community of photography lovers and discover new ways of capturing the reality!


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