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Farcows photography, Farcows… How did you get there?!

Because my last name is constantly miswritten – and I have already come across many combinations – I have decided to translate it into English.

This is because of my dry humor and I think it sticks better. In o
ther words, to be perfectly honest: you can find this site / me more easily.

Looking for a photographer for a (sports) event or capturing a (business) meeting for an impression towards the outside world? Contact me, I like to come by with camera to photograph all the participants.



Imagine, the man behind Farcow's photography

My name is Dennis Verkoeijen and I was born on June 5, 1979 in Breda.I
was the first of the three children. After 2 years, a little brother joined and another sister 3 years later.

The first memories related to photography are from my father when he opened a large suitcase with an analog SLR camera from Canon with a small collection of lenses and accessories. The telephoto lens was put on and further used as binoculars.

Years later I bought my own analogue Fuji Zoomdate 90. I moved to Assen, i then got acquainted with the digital compact (Caplio Ricoh) of my girlfriend Evelien and this was still ideal: Photos immediately visible on the screen, instantly remove, etc.

Farcows at sunset

© Anya Bump

After my photos were removed from the memory card time and time again, After weeks of comparison I bought my own digital camera: the Minolta Z1. A so-called DSLR-like. After a year of playing with the settings, the device became too minus; I wanted more than the plane was possible. Saving and comparing started again. Using various sites, the choice was reduced to two models:- Mi
nolta 5D-
Canon 350D

With this in mind, I entered a local photo shop, felt the cameras, asked the staff for the latest information and looked up the offer. Three nights later, the knot was made: the Canon 350D was purchased in the same store at the end of 2005. I didn't regret it.


I saw a lot of photo magazines, books and videos come along. With the tips of various forums I started working. Some pictures were okay, others were good for the trash can. I got stuck in the technique and went from the automatic mode to manual operation of the camera.

Since the first SLR, some purchased and the 350D (via the 30D, 40D, 450D and 7D) has been replaced by the Canon 80D. For the trickier lighting conditions, a 5D II was purchased in 2017. This has been replaced by the Canon 6D. With this I try to post pictures online regularly. A theme that always comes back in my photos, is nature in the form of landscape or macro. In addition, As a photographer I am present at sporting events and try to photograph all participants. You will see this mainly in my portfolio.

With the shooting also started showing the pictures. I had already come up with the name Farcows, so a website was created using html. It wasn't supposed to cost anything, so the web address was some name of the person who offered the space and behind the slash only my name.

The website worked, looked simple, but for maintenance it was very impractical. In addition, advertising was added in no time and I was again looking for the next best free option for a website.

Farcows under a tree

© Anya Bump

Farcows photography

In 2009 I was completely done with it and i Farcows.nl recorded. With the help of WordPress, a better piece of www has been created and today it is still gratefully used. Especially when I rolled more and more into photographing events. You can read that story via this link.

So keep an eye on the gallery and/or blog for new stories with the photos taken. Or choose to receive an email for updates. Have fun watching and up to speed.

With a friendly greeting,


Dennis Verkoeijen
Farcows photography