15-07-2014 | Sale fisheye

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© www.canon.nl

Cheaply tapped on the head, but since then little used.

As encouragement to myself, I even bought an analog SLR to really get that fisheye effect.

On my crop camera, the 15 mm gives an image of 15 x 1.6 = 24 mm as a result. In the viewfinder of the analog 300V, that is a completely different face.

On my to-do list there was another shot from the fridge (cliché, yes yes) but in the meantime the batteries are empty. I know there are two more pictures on the roll, but unfortunately.

Although the sale is difficult. For example, a bid of € 150 comes in, – that disappears directly into the trash without a reaction and the bids do not go so hard anymore. I have an amount in my head for which he can leave at least. Granted, the lens looks used, but in the ad I've been honest and added several photos to illustrate. Everything else works and this beautiful piece of glassware can be tested on my own camera. If necessary, the results for purchase can be viewed on your own laptop.

I don't want a top prize, but the thing doesn't get in the way, I have the time, I'm the only provider of this rare lens, don't need the money, so the last bidders get a message from me with the amount for which it can be picked up. And then it stays quiet. Not even a response or counteroffer. The ad is renewed twice on Marketplace.

An email from a new buyer. Whether the lens has already been sold. Look, that sounds good. The story begins from the beginning. The requested information is given, he makes an offer, I let you know what my minimum price is and then it stays quiet.

In the meantime, the highest bids remain. That's nice for me, because it's close to my price that I have in my head. Pling, new email. Hey, get something! Someone makes the minimum bid. An email goes back, agrees. In response, I get a question back: whether everything works and the small scratches add to the images. Yes, no and as the ad says, everything can be tested and viewed on your own camera. Agreement.

He just needs to talk to a friend. He's not from Assen himself, but he has a friend who lives there and can continue to match things with me. That doesn't sound very strange to me, so an appointment is arranged like this. I'll show him the glassware in the living room and in the backyard. He believes it all, he doesn't do anything in photography, but he'd like to see him do it. Oh, I didn't count on that. Time.

Grumbling I walk to the attic, take my camera out of the bag, can find an empty card with great difficulty and get back into the living room. Well, I want to sell the thing anyway now that someone's inside with money in the wallet. I take a few pictures and show them on the screen on the back. "The ad also said they could be viewed on a laptop, right?" Sigh. Think of the sales Dennis…
Another door opens, the laptop starts up and tadaa, the just taken photos. Not a single scratch can be seen, even in the one I made of the air. Convinced of the performance, the wallet is pulled and the money handed over.

It took some effort, but the holder wins 😉



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