25-01-2013 | X13.025 Photo of the Day

ChargerDone work, only at home.

Evelien has until 21:00 and has asked me to prepare the house for the weekend.

Sucking and mopping everything, so after a quick meal I'm going to get going.

Earplugs in and à la Freddy Mercury I go with the vacuum cleaner behind me at the house.

Without a weird package. Let's be clear about that.

While drying the floor, I grab the laptop and then let go of the cats. The dishwasher is then also ready quickly, so it can be unloaded. I think everything's clean now. Nice in time to welcome her home.

We sit on the couch, watch some television and then go to bed. Because of all the activities I completely forgot to take a picture today! Whoops.

I take my cell phone off the bedside table and point it behind the bed a few times. With flash. The bright light remains largely hidden behind the bed, so that the whole room is not illuminated. In the end I aimed well and the charger is in the picture.

That should happen every day 😉

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