08-07-2010 | It takes a while…

End well, all goodMy message was clear enough.

The same day I received an email with a Track & Trace afterwards sent. The package is on its way.

Not to me, so I have to wait a little longer for confirmation. After four weeks of trouble, I want to hear that first and then believe it.

Luckily I get a message today that the package has been picked up and has come across well. Although that may seem strange for two reasons:

1. The fairly simple, tightly taped packaging is very unfortunately chosen. It was in the box of a Canon EF 50mm F1.4 lens with the delivery address written directly on it. For connoisseurs, the lens is a sought-after copy and given the huge letters plus accompanying image on the outside, it is not to be missed and a small wonder that it has arrived Ã1/4at.

2. The contents are defective, so it is offered and thus arrived in this state. On the outside, a curved sun shade can be seen after nothing, but once the lens is put on the camera, the autofocus does not work.

Whoever tries to make the lens work has received the package. M. has already had several lenses (and cameras) open and therefore knows what he is doing.

The same evening I get to see an image. From the exif data I can see that the photo was taken with the faulty lens and there is focus with the autofocus. The metal sun shade turned out to be so crooked that it stops the front element with focus. After it is straightened, the whole thing works as usual. Toppie!

For not too much a small lens 😮

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