Ride and Run Knollegruun 2019

Last Sunday I stood for Ride and Run Knollegruun 2019 organized by Manege Knollegruun in the forest along the route. More than 40 participants came along. For a first time a fine turnout. Maybe also because it's a nice combination. The atmosphere was at least great. My result; lots of pictures and a short film of the event.

runner and rider on white horse
rider on dark brown horse with runner next to it
two cheerful ladies on horseback and a cheering runner
runner looks lovingly at her horse walking with rider beside her

A report in word and image

In the morning I sign up as one of the photographers and discuss the place I have come up with for myself. The location is not occupied, so after hearing the final details, I take the stuff out of the car. I place the route on the (folding) bike and on the way I meet John Bruininck. A photographer I meet at various events. He put his car on the other side and walked the last one. John comes here more often with the dog, so for him it's a familiar area. Given the time, we're each moving in a different direction.

On the path of the route arrived, I search for a wider stretch in the forest. That way I don't get in anyone's way and I can safely put my things down. A lot further down the road I see a few wide bushes. Ideal to put my billboard behind, because I don't want it in the picture. The sun soon hides and most of the day it will remain grey. The camera's settings are adjusted accordingly.

Because I have to use a higher ISO because of the dark forest, I choose to photograph with my 6D. Less fast than the 80D, but because of the fullframe it handles the noise better. After a few test shots, I'm ready. It's less than half a one, the starting gun for the first contestants. I'll have a scoop and a sip of it.

runner with rope in hand of horse and rider
runner in red shirt with child on shetlander
watchful dog with rider and runner in the background
two looking ladies looking back with thumbs up

The first participants

When the first participants appear in the remote, I'm waiting for them. The two of them (or even three) come to me on the long path. One as a runner, accompanied by one or two riders. The intention is to stay together, but since a horse runs faster, it is the art to get that done. Good cooperation is needed.

Two groups are starting. A large group has chosen a distance of 5 kilometers and eight of them run the 10 kilometers. I'm about two and a half miles behind the start and I'm going to hit them all.

After every 3 minutes, a team starts. That gives me room to photograph them separately. Everyone does their best to get the best picture possible. Neatly next to each other, happy faces, thumbs up to even waving they come to me. Behind the camera there is a big smile, as I click through quietly. That way, the day goes by quickly.

Film of the Ride and Run

While shooting, I mounted short shots of a number of participants via the smartphone on top of the camera. These recordings are combined into this short film as an impression of the event:

Result of the day, photos

It was a very pleasant day for me as a photographer to be able to capture everything. I've got over 460 photos left to it. I will choose a few photos and post online (website, Facebook, Instagram) as a short impression of the day. I've seen a lot of enthusiastic faces. Thanks for the many thumbs etc.

The photos of the Ride and Run Knollegruun 2019 can be viewed below. The further financial settlement runs through Oypo, so that possible combination with other events / photographers can be combined. Read my short explanation about Oypo and the possibilities for ordering a print, digital file, garment or other gift with the photo taken. Enjoy this day, have fun and watch until next time.

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