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Do you or will you soon organize a (sports) event or (business) meeting where a photographer is wanted? Do you need photos from a meeting to impression the day? Are there any special wishes or events to consider? Tell me the location, how long it takes, when it takes place and the possible route that is taken during the event. This can be done via the contact form on the website. I will take my agenda and give a response as soon as possible. Who I am, what I have/done and what my method is?

Photographer in Assen

Farcows, photographer in Assen?! The name is the first to need a small explanation 😉

Because my last name is constantly miswritten – and I've come across a lot of combinations in the meantime – I decided to translate it into English with a humorous wink.

The name Farcows photography

My name is Dennis Verkoeijen, photographer in Assen next to my 40-hour workweek.
Ver – koei(j)en, Far – cows, Farcows.

And the name Farcow's photography was born when I began to delve more into photography as an ever-increasing hobby. The page "About me" shows how the hobby has developed, because since the end of 2016 I have picked up differently as before.

At first I photographed only for the memory. Largely for myself and later came the question of whether I wanted to take pictures of my girlfriend Evelien while riding on the beach of Ameland. This was extended to photos of Evelien with friends. It was nice to see that my files were used for their profile on Facebook. And still be. From the equestrian center I was asked if they could use the pictures on the website. Evelien's been coming in for years, so that was so settled.

eexter oxride 2019 surprise
Hynstewille ride & run 2019
spring ride villa nova
Mill riders outdoor ride on Ameland


When Evelien meereed on the Autumn Desert Trail at the end of 2015, she came home with the news that there were many photographers walking around. Whether photographing riders on the mainland would also be for me? She had done a round to ask for business cards from the people behind the camera, so that everything could be viewed at home at ease. Many photos were offered for sale. Not so crazy in itself. And so an enthusiastic photographer in Assen mingled among the other photographers. But before I could take it seriously, I needed some additional photo equipment. A few months passed and the same event came closer. The equipment had now been purchased, what stopped me now? I've been there and it's become the start of the little twist in my photography.

In the months leading up to the ADT, I had looked at results from the activities of other photographers. It yielded a mountain of photographs and the next issue presented itself. How am I going to present that and ultimately offer it for sale? One photographer kept it in-house, the other via Facebook, but the name Oypo also came along a few times. So I looked at that principle, looked for alternatives, compared them and made a choice.


horse in gallop
eexter oxrit 2019 group photo
Ameland beach ride April 2019

Offering all the files I do via the website Oypo. In my account I have unlimited storage. Very useful for the gigabytes of data I collect on such a day, because this does not burden my website. Participants can view everything without an account, but you will need an account to purchase a photo. Because many photographers also work with Oypo, it is easy for both me and them. Participants can select photos from multiple photographers in one order. For example, shipping costs are saved.

And it's easy for me because everything is taken out of my hands. In addition to offering a print in different sizes or the digital file itself, more can be ordered. T-shirt, mug, mouse pad, canvas, garden poster, key chain, lunchbox, puzzle and even a pillowcase can be printed with the favorite photo. Of the sales, a percentage goes to Oypo. That doesn't make my eyes any more sense. They offer the space and take care of the further (financial) handling of the order.

(Business) meetings

A day out, scrum, lecture, presentation, team building, company drink, I can capture it all and make a nice impression of the day. A playbook of the day is very useful here, as well as the events / surprises that are not on the agenda. This way I can respond to the "unexpected" moments and be in the right place.

Enexis Battle
Working Equitation Nuno Avelar

The photos will not be offered online unless desired. For example, these are transferred to the organisation per WeTransfer for possible internal distribution. This is all in the rate that is agreed in advance.

Method Farcows photography, photographer in Assen

With Assen as its home base, Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe are easily accessible by car. All activities I encounter on Facebook, online calendars or through announcements in various media are all viewed. When I see something nice, I'll look for more information. The start times are useful. For outdoor events, a map of the course is very useful. The organization is approached, I do not want to get in the way of any other photographers.

Photographer in Assen
© Gerda Das

Using Google Maps, I can find a convenient place in combination with the course to be covered.

I prefer not to have the sun in the backs of the participants. The faces should not fall into the shadows, because I want to be able to photograph the emotion.

Then it's an estimate of what time I can expect the first one. On the spot, I would like to choose a place in the roadside at ease.

The camera is taken out of the bag, set. I'm already putting things up for grabs. Food and drink must be changed in between, a memory card must be able to be changed quickly. Good preparation pays more attention to the participants.

The party can begin

Once finished, the wait for the first movement in the far and the party can begin. Afterwards the after party starts, always in Assen: the photo editing and then the offer of the photos taken.

The image straight from the camera I find flimsy eyes. The photos taken are therefore first quickly checked for sharpness. They are then processed using Lightroom. I want to keep everything as natural as possible. This means that I mainly make slight adjustments to the exposure, sharpness, brightness, contrast, white balance, saturation and possibly the photo trim/turn for a straight horizon. The retouching version is saved and then offered online. See also my portfolio of the events I have visited.

Because it's all hobby for me I'm my own sponsor, so all the bits of income help. Especially since everything is subject to wear and tear and a defect has to be financed again. Because a photo should remain fun as a memento, I don't ask for the top prize. If something is not to be desired, this can always be indicated and I will look at a solution. 

Photographer in Assen

Do you or will you soon organize a (sports) event or (business) meeting where a photographer is wanted? Or are photos needed to impression the day? Ask if I can be there. This can be done via the contact form on the website. I will give a response as soon as possible. Who knows until soon!

With a friendly greeting,

Dennis Verkoeijen
Farcows photography

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