Photographing last photos

There she is. Proud of the country, relaxing to eat among the group of horses. Grey on the head, but otherwise there is nothing to see on the outside. We're getting talking.

Lobke's actually not that good anymore. She came through with difficulty last winter. Her eyes are bad and her esophagus sometimes plays up a bit. After years of loyal service, she was not allowed to go to a trader or butcher, but in retirement. Together with her daughter she has enjoyed the green pastures just well deservedly over the past few years.

In recent months, we have been looking at how Lobke reacts to the different weather conditions. After another fresh night and wet morning, the temperature of her body had dropped again. She couldn't take it anymore and a new winter was no longer an option. The decision was taken reluctantly, but it was fairer to Lobke.

If I wanted to take some more pictures of her. On a beautiful sunny morning we stood between the herd. That afternoon, the doctor was supposed to come. One last look, a get-together with daughter, one last hug.

When Lobke walked off the trailer, a delicious bin of slobber was put down. The whole tat was underneath, a lot of splashes next to the bucket. Not knowing that the doctor would arrive in half an hour. Yes, it was time.

horse last photo in full glory
two horses nose to nose

last photo farewell horse

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