KS Canisports Exloo 2020

On 1 February 2020, during the Jumper Schutrups Dogwalk in Eext there will be a 5km CaniCross race organised by KS Canisports. This is part of the Northern CaniCross competition. Two CaniTrails of 15 and 25 km are also held.

KS Canisports Exloo 2020

It's actually an event in an event. Jumper and Schutrups organize a Dogwalk together. There is a modest walking tour of 5 or 10 kilometers mapped out. The start is at Schutrups Shoes. You can read more about it in this post.

In addition, KS Canisports organises a CaniCross and CaniTrail. The participants for the CaniTrail have the start somewhere else, so unfortunately I have to let it pass me by. The Dogwalk will pass me on the same path and with a statement of a few hundred participants, that will yield a lot of pictures. However, my main objective lies with the canicrossers.

That's what it turns out to be when behind me the first participant of the DogWalk passes me. The routes of both events overlap, but the direction is against each other. In this way, dog lovers can see each other arriving well in advance and make space where necessary. I have already received a message from the organization that the first canicrosser has left. When I see him coming into the far, I'm waiting for him with two cameras.

canicross man dog forest
KS Canisports Exloo 2020
canicrosser man dog forest path
canicross lady pink shepherd

The first participants

With the telephoto lens I make the pictures from afar. Once closer, I can't get the couple in the picture together, so I switch to the camera for the close-ups. When they pass me, I try to photograph them with the telephoto lens still on the path behind me. If time permits, because the next canicrosser is sometimes right behind it.

In order to give the participants space, Sandra (the S in the name KS Canisports) asks the hikers to stay on the right. Fortunately, many take into account the running couples. When the canicrossers are over, Sandra steps on the mountain bike and rides back to Kim to complete their event. I'm left to take several more pictures of the DogWalk as long as it stays dry.

An hour later I see a man stopping on a mountain bike in the remote at the bollards of the plotted route. Ah, KS Canisports Exloo 2020 is now really on the shut down. Everything gets cleaned up and not much later it seems like nothing happened. Fortunately, we have the pictures to prove otherwise.

canicross lady blue dog white
canicross exloo lady dog forest edge
KS Canisports Exloo 2020
canicross runner dog forest

Result of the day, photos

It was a fun day for me as a photographer to be able to capture everything. I left over 400 photos to the event. I will choose a few photos and post online (website, Facebook, Instagram) as a short impression of the day.

The photos of the KS Canisports Exloo 2020 edition can be viewed below. The further financial settlement runs through Oypo, so that possible combination with other events / photographers can be combined. Read my short explanation about Oypo and the possibilities for ordering a print, digital file, garment or other gift with the photo taken. Enjoy this day, have fun and watch until next time.

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