Hynstewille outdoor ride 2019

Last Sunday I stood for the Hynstewille outdoor ride 2019, organised by Riding Association & Ponyclub Hynstewille on the sidelines. This time not in the forest, but in consultation with the organization I took the pictures at the Spartelvijver.

A well-known location for many riders, where one can walk around and/or in a natural pool (ground) water. After about 1.5 hours this point was reached on the route and with the current weather, the cooling for both horse and rider was wonderful.

A report in word and image

A little in nine hours I leave Assen for the Drents-Friese Wold. From the parking lot it is still a kilometer to the Spetterplas. I have been in contact with the organization beforehand and they told me that the first group is expected there around 11:30. Because of the warm weather this might turn out a bit, so I have all the time to find a place. along the waterline.

Maureen's already there and down the road I see Peter. That's more than enough photographers on such a small piece. The organization also hands out drinks to the participants. That's why I'm leaving my tickets there, too. I'll have a sandwich, drink some and get myself in. The cameras are ready when the first pair appears around the corner.

Horses and water

Where one horse steps into the water like that, it is for another horse a faintly wrinkly surface. The soil is not visible and then it needs patience and some persuasion to let the horse make that first step. Often it works, as soon as they see other horses going in. The reaction in the water is also different.

With the forelegs splashing the water, the nose in the water, the nose just high in the air, slowly stepping or just with considerable speed right through the water. It's going to get a lot of laughter anyway, and the necessary footage.

Movie of the day

While shooting, I recorded videos at times. I did this by mounting the mobile on top of the camera. I have to keep the camera quiet anyway, and what I photograph is filmed simultaneously in HD.

When you get home, it is first to draw attention to the pictures. Then I can merge the right pieces of film from the files into a video. On Instagram it takes up to a minute, but via Youtube I can show longer pieces. All in all, I've reduced the day to 100 seconds of a lot of fun.

Result of the day, photos

It was a great day for me as a photographer to be able to capture everything. I left 970 photos to the day. I will choose a few photos and post online (website, Facebook, Instagram) as a short impression of the day. I've seen a lot of smiling faces and laughed along at various times. Thanks and until next time!

The photos of the Hynstewille outdoor ride 2019 can be viewed below or via the direct link. The further financial settlement runs through Oypo, so that possible combination with other events / photographers can be combined. My brief explanation about Oypo and the possibilities for ordering a print, digital file, garment or other gift with the photo taken can be found in this article. Enjoy this beautiful day, have fun and until next time.

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