Chair dance Ballum 2019

Village interest Ballum organizes a village festival every year with various activities around it. One of them is the chair dance. The well-known game, but with horse.

They are the same rules of the game, but instead of running yourself, you'll be riding the laps on horseback. Traditionally without a saddle, but that's for everyone. Once the live orchestra stops playing in the middle of the huge circle, it becomes exciting not to be the last two left to get the empty seat. At least it's a beautiful spectacle.

The first round is for the ponies and the second round for the horses. This way, the little ones are not flooded and the age is better distributed. As soon as there are only 4 participants in the field, the person who stops the orchestra at any time is blindfolded.

chair dance ballum 2019
chair dance ballum 2019
chair dance ballum 2019
chair dance ballum 2019

That's how the match between them is fair. The cup won is taken by the numbers one, two and three sportingly. And then leave the field after a ereronde.

Photos chair dance Ballum, Ameland 2019

The photos of the chair dance Ballum 2019 can be viewed via the album on Facebook. Are you interested in a digital photo without a watermark? Send a message via the contact form. I will also choose a few photos and post online (website, Facebook, Instagram) as a short impression of this evening.

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