26-09-2016 | External card reader

inside internal card reader

The confidence of transferring the photos has been lost a bit.

But I do want to save the pictures on the hard drive. The memory cards will be needed again soon, so they all have to be empty.

My card reader no longer reads CF, transferring a cable from the camera to the computer doesn't work either, another card reader doesn't work either, so I'm making up what else is possible.

The laptop only reads SD, but in the old computer there is a multi-reader. But to swing it now, plug in a monitor, stick the photos on a USB stick and put it on the iMac through that stick doesn't sound like a good, long-lasting solution.

I think this card reader is being fed from a USB port on the back, I suddenly think. I dive under the desk and see a USB cutter going into the computer. If I can connect this cable to the iMac via a USB extension cord, the power supply and communication comes from here and I'm done! I need a bear like that somewhere. After a short search I find it, connect everything like this, don't see a light on.

With a USB stick I check the cable, but unfortunately. This one is old and probably has suffered too much in the drawer. Then screw the cabinet open and take the thing out so it can be plugged directly into the USB port. Put it this way. Tickets are transferred one by one. I was a bit behind, it's time consuming, it doesn't look so tight, but the technique does its job. I don't expect the card reader to need much in the coming days. There's a getaway planned, but that's it. For now, I'm going to make it this way. 

Meanwhile, I can quietly look for a new external card reader 💡



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