22-10-2016 | Canon 70-200 F2.8 L USM IS

canon-70-200-isWhen I bought the 70-200 F2.8 L, I expected not to use the lens that often.

In the meantime, this has changed. As soon as the words are called photographing and horse in a sentence, I make sure that this lens is already on the body when you leave.

Light strong, zoom, fast, an ideal combination for the situation. But…

There was always the version with stabilization. With the arrival of a renewed version, the price of the first version dropped. It was time to keep an eye on Marketplace and other sites again. I did make it with what I had, but I could see that when shooting for a longer time, the lens got heavier. Where I always had to make an effort to get sharp pictures.

A tool like stabilization, called in English image stabilizer (IS), is then a nice option. Especially when I first met the 24-105 F4 L IS; at 200 mm, the added value will be even greater. In addition, the version with IS is more resistant to dust and water. For the coming weekend a welcome addition, because the weather is rather erratic. Although it's not a must to have the lens with the weekend. If it turns out the lens is defective, I'm not buying it. But it hasn't come that far lately.

On Marketplace several lenses were offered. The latest version can also be found second-hand, but that prize card is a hundred or 6 more. A hobby may cost money, but I also have my limits. Well, it all has to be better, but I'm actually satisfied. The first version is already said to be defeated by most of the competitors. The latest feels to me like a little overkill. Maybe I'll buy it another time.

So I started here and there to offer some on the 70-200 F2.8 LUSM IS type 1. As soon as the amount got too high for me, I dropped out and went looking for another seller. Last week I was suddenly talking to two salespeople. Seller Z. eventually wanted 250 euros more as a seller U. while the lens on the back had the necessary paint damage. Seller U.'s lens looked as good as the lens I've had in my bag for a few years. I didn't get a filter, but I might use it from the one at home. Seller Z. is thanked and with seller U. I made for today an appointment to come see the lens. If it further meets the description after testing and my feeling is positive, it will go back home.

So said so done. Seller U. and I have a nice chat about the joint hobby, while I shift all the buttons. The zooming is felt, with my camera a number of pictures are taken. Through the viewfinder I look at the workings of stabilization. Shoot a few photos with high and low aperture. The glassware is being looked at. I don't hear any strange noises. If, after all the little tests, I can't find anything strange, I decide to drive the lens back home.

The two IS lenses will form a beautiful duo next weekend 8) 


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