09-10-2016 | Exploring Bare Dunes

Exploring Bare Dunes Hot Air BalloonExploring the Barren Dunes area.

On October 29th I want to be here again, but then it's a lot busier than today. Evelien tells me what I can expect during the (sports) event.

The sun shows itself once. In those moments, the whole area comes alive more, so I hope that when the Autumn Desert Trail takes place here in a few weeks the sun will show itself fully.

I hear how most horses enter the area, which is a nice piece for a gallop and the places where the various photographers stood last year.

Evelien and I are looking at some of those places. The whole area is a little shiny. Am I going to stand tall or low? The pros and cons are weighed. Eventually, a place is chosen where I want to start shooting the day. With both my mobile and camera I immediately take some pictures. Evelien and some friends will enter the Bare Dunes with horseback and if I don't hear from me, she expects to meet me there. In the distant, it gets darker and darker. It's time to walk back.

Exploring Bare Dunes Panorama

Exploring Bare Dunes

In the meantime, we'll talk about the preparations. The event lasts from 09:00 to 15:00 so I have to bring a survival package. Something from a chair is also tasty. Of course leave Assen in time. Clothes will be chosen at the last minute, but as a photographer I should not get cold on that plain. Business cards! One comes to photographers asking where to view the pictures or. after order. A link on my website to Oypo, for example, seems to me to be the most convenient. Two cameras with him. One for the telephoto lens and the other with a bit more wide angle. Empty tickets, full batteries. Maybe something else to stay dry under? How to move all this over the sand? Enough to take into account!

Preparations are in full swing 😛



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