Looking for a photographer for a (sports) event in the three northern provinces? Look no further and contact Farcow's photography. I like to come by from Assen with my camera to photograph all the participants. From start to finish, I am present to capture everyone who passes, and that is appreciated. 

"I'm there for the contestants, not for myself."

That's my motto. At many sporting events I saw that the photographer had taken pictures in various places of a trail. From start to award ceremony. A beautiful throbbing story to show. Mind you, for the photographer's portfolio.

The main disadvantage here is that this can never be achieved with the shooting of all participants. I saw that in the comments. Often such a participant had only passed that place later and had missed the chance of a photo. I was sorry about that and i thought about it further. Farcow's photography therefore takes a different look.

Each participant is ranked 1st

Is the achievement for everyone to finish first the goal? Is the top ten only important? Or is reaching the finish line enough? For me, it's the last option. I want everyone in the picture, because they've all made a commitment and done their own. What could be more beautiful than being able to capture that emotion on the road per individual? Horse, dog, cyclist, runner or other event, I have experience in multiple areas. See the overview in my gallery.

irundog workshop 2018
Bartje 200 2018
Spring Ride Villa Nova

For an outdoor event, I do need the route. Good preparation pays more attention to the participants. That's why I often check the area through Google Maps and find my place for a nice background. An assigned location of the organization is also fine. I'll take care of the rest, in weather and wind. As a Swedish saying goes: "Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder" or "Bad weather does not exist, bad clothing does".

The right equipment for the job

With difficult lighting conditions, having a good lens is necessary. The weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable, so my camera and lenses can withstand a rainstorm. Sun or rain, the sports performance continues. As a photographer present, I need to be able to keep taking my pictures. And in order to keep renewing this, I sell the photos taken. Besides my 40-hour workweek, it's all a hobby for me, so I'm my own sponsor. All bits of income help. Because a photo should remain fun as a memento, I don't ask for the top prize.

Before I offer the photos

After the event, I'm not done yet. The image straight from the camera I find flimsy eyes. The photos taken are therefore edited using Adobe Lightroom. I want to keep everything as natural as possible. This means that I mainly make slight adjustments to the exposure, sharpness, brightness, contrast, white balance, saturation and possibly the photo trim/turn for a straight horizon. The retouching version is saved and then offered online.

mill riders outdoor ride on ameland
TT-run Axes

Organization consideration

As an impression of the day I post a message on Facebook containing various photos. In return, I ask to share this post on the organization's own page, and if any at the created online event. This to spread my name and link to all the photos.

On my website, Facebook and Instagram I mention the event, so that the circle is complete again. Via Instagram I spread the pictures about the months after the event.

Soon an event?

Soon a (sports) event where a photographer is wanted? If there is a nice group of participants and it is only half an hour away, I often even come for free. From all photos taken, the organization can choose three photos that can be used online indefinitely, without a logo, but with attribution in the message.

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ing✔ often at no cost

Interested? Ask me if I'm available. This can be done via the contact form on the website. I will give a response as soon as possible. Who knows until soon!

With a friendly greeting,

Dennis Verkoeijen
Farcows photography